Movie: Rett Sted - Rett Tid, Part 1

Description of the movie.

The film begins in February on the banks of the River Dee and ends in the western part of Norway in October.
In the meantime we visit a long list of rivers, where action and nerve wrecking fights with large salmon are guaranteed. Some of the rivers include: Lakselv, Eibyelva, Alta, Orkla, Gaula, Suldal, Bjerkreim, Figgjo, the River Spey and the River Dee.

The film is also for those people who wish to experience these rivers in the near future, that is why we have named the various beats we have chosen to film.

We are not telling you how to use your fishing equipment or which brands to use to be a successful salmon fisherman or woman.

The movie is a good quality amateur production. The price will be 150 NOK and we believe that "Rett sted - Rett tid" will be a cool and cheap alternative to other upcoming "blockbuster fishing movies" this winter.

Extra material: Arctic Charr on Greenland.

Duration: 65 mins + 20 mins extra material.
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: Norwegian, danish and english.
Format: PAL 4:3

Best regards,
The production team.